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VAST Advisors

Regional Safety Teams

VAST’s international regional safety teams, which consist of national and industry stakeholders, are formed to improve the safety of civil vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) operations in their respective national airspace systems.

Brazil (BHEST)

  • Antonio Modesto
  • Ana Claudia Galvao

Canada (Helicopter Association of Canada)

  • Todd Tkach
  • Fred Jones
  • Corey Taylor

Chile (ACHHEL)

  • Loreto Moraga

Commonwealth of Independent States

  • Victor Rukhlinskiy, Senior Deputy of the Chairperson of IAC

Europe (ESPN-R)

  • Coordinator – Michel Masson, EASA
  • Coordinator – Bernd Osswald, Airbus Helicopters
  • Coordinator – Christian Mueller, EHA


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  •  Air Vice Marshal Sridharan


  •  Mr. Osamu Washida

Mexico (HST-Mexico)

  • Erick Perez
  • Eduardo Mendoza
  • Mr. Pablo Carranza, Aviation Director


Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

  • Capt. Samir Sajet, Regional Aviation Safety Officer, UAE World Food Programme, Sharjah Airport Freezone, United Arab Emirates

New Zealand

  • Vicki Coats, Team Lead, Certification , Agricultural & Helicopter
  • Adrian Duncan
  • Corey Price
  • Rebecca Langton

Asia Pacific (AHEST)

United States of America (USHST)

  •  Nick Mayhew
  • Wayne Fry
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Global VTOL Stakeholders

In addition to international regional safety teams and safety authorities, VAST includes other stakeholders that work to improve global vertical flight safety, including various industry associations. A selection of those associations is listed below.

Agricultural Application

Air Tours/Sightseeing

Business Aviation

Emergency Medical Services


General Aviation


Law Enforcement